Payment & Dental Insurance Information

It depends on your unique situation, your dental insurance coverage and whether you require a consultation, consultation and xrays or consultation and scaling (plaque removal). An examination alone range from $50-$60. This would allows you to understand your dental situation and discuss a treatment plan to suit your need. The following should give you a range of options which you can add to your initial visit.

ADA Code Description Fees
013 Limited Examination $50
011 Comprehensive examination $60
012 Periodic Examination $45
022 Intraoral xray $45
114 Scaling/ removal of plaque $125
121 Topical Fluoride $35

Most of the dental problems are preventable and hence the importance of regular check up and clean. Unfortunately, dentistry is something many people sacrifice because they think they can’t afford it. We would suggest if you keep aside $1 per day you should be able to afford a check up and clean once every 6-7 months.

For those who require extensive dental work we offers a wide range of payment options including phased treatment schedules to help you get the dentistry you want in a budget you are comfortable with. We work with most dental insurance companies and are preferred providers for HCF and Westfund, helping you maximize your dental insurance benefits without sacrificing the quality of care. Most patients with dental insurance only pay a gap depending on whether they have basic coverage or major dental coverage. We offer a gap free service for patients with a DVA card.

We have a strong social commitment and have tied up with Queensland Health to provide emergency help. Please ring our office for more details.

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